About us

Tim Marten - Guitar technician/Luthier

Tim Marten started repairing instruments professionally in 1977 when he joined the small but busy workshop in the basement of 27 Denmark st known as ANDY’S.

The workshop was well known for the high quality of it repairs and was patronised by all the major bands and musicians of the time.

In 1980 Tim was asked to join the crew of LED ZEPPELIN as guitar tech for JIMMY PAGE. in who’s employment he remained for ten years, touring and recording extensively in Europe and America. He has also toured with many other major acts such as Roger Waters, Ray Davies, Steve Harley, to name a few.

In 1990 Tim started his own workshop with many famous clients and in the year 2000 was invited back to head the repairs dept at the now greatly expanded ANDY’S back in Denmark St.

Fabio Cutolo - Amp and Electronic Repairs

My experience stems from electronics and telecommunications which I studied in Rome. Whilst studying, I also worked for one of the leading amplifier repair centres in Italy. After 7 years working there, building and repairing amps and all the accessories necessary to musicians, I decided to come to England to branch out into the market here. Once here, I started by splitting my time between doing repairs for private clients and working in Denmark Street, London, at Wunjo’s guitar shop, who I still do work for. Meanwhile two other shops, Gig Sounds and Proel, also asked me to do work for them.

Now I continue to do work for the various music shops in Denmark Street and elsewhere, such as the London Guitar Centre, and also for musicians for any problems they have whether with amps, guitar pedals, speakers or keyboards, plus any bespoke work they may require.

Tim Marten Guitar Repairs